In the year 2012, a mysterious organization “Shadow Domain” is founded to analysis and explore unearthly signal that come from deep universe through quantum technology. After a dark matter vanishing accident, a phenomenon called “Light Cave” is first known to human beings. Eighteen years later, “Shadow Domain” discovers that this mysterious signal is emitted from a star numbered NGC2397. After that, a project called “Glance of Sauron” is launched to study this star. Unfortunately, the outer space civilization threat theory and human beings’ expanding desire for exploiting solar energy lead human species to the edge of extinction. “Shadow Domain” already foresees this disaster but is unable to stop it. Due to the responsibility for human species, “Shadow Domain” start the project “Eternal Flame”. In this project, a space ship “Eternal Flame” controlled by an advanced artificial intelligence called Lisa is launched to the orbit of “Glance of Sauron” to search for the salvation for human beings. After thousands of years of exploring, Lisa finally find the clue to resurrect human beings’ civilization on this floating ship in deep universe. From then on, “Eternal Flame” begins its journey to resurrect human beings.
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