6 DOF high precision gyroscope wireless server 6 DOF motion simulation platform Photon Skin System Tele Touch System
6 DOF high precision gyroscope wireless server is a totally new solution we developed for measuring and transmission data of angle and acceleration of three axis in kinematic scenarios. The core sensor is a 6 DOF high precision gyroscope. The difference between this sensor and traditional electromagnetic or photoelectric sensor is that such product is totally immune to environmental noise and disturbance, which means low environmental requirement. Our solution can be applied to such usage scenarios like whole body or part of body motion capture, attitude induction, motion-mechanical sensing and rapid measurement and correction of projectors. 6 DOF motion simulation platform is independent-designed and independent-manufactured motion simulation platform of which we own the whole technical process and program control system. This platform adopts the movement pattern of 3 cylinder basket and horizontal rotation. This system can simulate ground and aero carriers’ movement precisely. We developed a racing game according to the feature of this system. With perfect racing track environment design and precise vehicle kinematical modeling, we provide great game experience in car racing. Photon Skin System is independent-designed new multi - function projection integration solution, which contains the function of WATCHOUT and Pandora Box System. On this basis, this system is capable of automatically calculating the surface of projected 3D objects in runtime and auto distribute the projecting content of projector, which make Photon Skin System capable of more complex projecting solution to gain high efficiency on on-site correction operation. Photon Skin System can absolutely replace WATCHOUT system and Pandora Box system with the feature of low-cost, multi-function and high speed in correction. Tele Touch System is a grand new solution to multi-touch-point controlling usage scenarios in grand exhibition. After combining Tele Touch System with traditional projector or LED screen, we can make the untouchable screen ‘touchable’. Tele Touch System is the only sensors network system that can cover the sensing range for more than 40 meters and high robust to out-door sunlight nowadays. Tele Touch System is stable, reliable, high efficient, high adapting range and flexible in application.
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