Beijing ShadeRealm Technology Co,.Ltd is founded in March ,2012 by faculty of digital arts of college of software and microelectronics, Peking University. This company have deep cooperation with college of software and microelectronics, Peking University in the field of most up-to-date HMI technology.         Shade Realm is dedicated to develop solutions to eye-attracting new media (software and hardware) technology. Our technologies make it possible for clients to send their products, ideas and messages to their objective customers. Meanwhile, through developing easy-to-learn tool set, we integrate VR, AR, projection mapping, sensors networking and automation robot technologies into our solutions to grant our clients the access to the most up-to-date media technologies.         We have strong technology background and abundant on-site execution experience, which make it possible to provide total solution for large-scale exhibition, on-site show and theme park. At the same time, we also provide oriented developing assistance to related industry and colleges.
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